Being the Reasearcher- Life as the grand research laboratory

by redpilluser

The Private Man wrote on the importance of being the researcher when it comes to dating and attraction. I am going to extend that advice to say that this attitude crosses over to every other area of life.

Throughout the process of evolving into the increasingly knowledg-based society, we’ve come to believe in the utility of specialization. While it ‘is’ an effective and economical strategy of progress, it isn’t necessarily wise.

The problem is that we as humans tend to get into ‘tunneled’ thinking habits due to our narrow field of competence, and as a result, externailities which are important are quite often ignored, leading to systemic instability.

If the dominoes of crisis after crisis are to be analysed, we can see that it usually involves the blissful ignorance of ‘seemingly’ irrelevant factors (i.e. externalities) which ended up crashing the system.

This metaphor applies at the micro and macro levels; life is an interconnection of systems and reactions. Ignore one or more part for too long, and predictably that very component’s eventual dysfunction will drag the whole system (through it’s connections to other parts).

So it is with our human interactions that are intricate webs of complex interactions. What academia has tried and failed to do with forecasting the economic results of policies, it is doing the same to gender dynamics. And as Rollo mentions:

‘Observing a process will change it’

So what are we men to do? The answer seems to be the scientist of one’s life; examine and tinker with the many variables and observing with as much objectivity as possible. Obviously there’s the alarm of ‘sociopathy’ being a side-effect, but it isn’t that. Instead, borrow the religious metaphor of ‘the super-being that watches over you’; for this purpose, you are the super-being looking into your own life.

With that, happy researching, and may God save you from his followers.

Random quote:
“Before I lose my temper I always count to zen”`