I am a slave.

by redpilluser

Let’s not be in denial.

I have been a slave since the day I was born, and to think that I’ve transcended my animal nature is essentially denying it. 

Where I come from, religion and hypocritical moral code of conduct in society have had me fooled into thinking that myself and others have a higher sense of self. While that level exists, what I’d been blinded from was the reality that this ‘spiritual’ level is standing on the shoulders of the animal level which came before. 

And to deny this animal instinct is a grave ‘natural’ sin. For it will have its way, somehow morphed into an unnatural habit that satisfies it. 

And because of this, I have suffered and am still suffering. 

Despite knowing all there is to know of the ‘red pill’, I still am bound to my programming. My instincts are still tied up in my rational mind. 

Which is okay. I am a slave; it has been so since the beginning. 

Only now I am aware and accept it fully. 

So that I may know who the master is, and overcome my condition

By becoming the master of my own self

Careful not to be a slave-master in the cycle

So now I go on my routine as a slave, knowingly. By being aware of my bondage, I will free myself.