The challenge of mapping the socio-sexual landscape

by redpilluser

I happen to be a conflicted person by default.

Although on an intellectual level, I understand this to be a product of social grooming and context, emotionally I am still bound to the parameters of approval-seeking and conformity.

Which has it’s own merits in some regards, but it hurts the faculty of critical, ‘applied’ thinking.

Case in point- take my username; it’s inspired by the massive eye-opening experience that has been the discovery of the manosphere. I can’t remember how I’d stumbled across it, but I’m glad I did.

Aspects of social dynamics that were opaque were all of a sudden clear as daylight. In fact it’s almost a blinding amount of revelations that has left me more or less dumbfounded as to why is it that more people aren’t talking about it?

Long story short- I intend this blog as a repertoire of my thinking through writing. There’s too much at stake, and the status quo of the society I live in is absolutely counter to what I ‘know’ to be the ‘ugly’ truth. (props to

My intention is to use the principles of ‘red-pill’ awareness and analyse my own cultural paradigms. I hope to spark a change that way.

Here’s to the red pill.


to be continued.