This thing…

by redpilluser

Play or be played

Adapt or Perish

Evolve or Die.

Since having stumbled across the manosphere over a year back, this prevailing observation has been on my mind.

After absorbing a lot of the red pill knowledge and rhetoric, which by the way was difficult to share with persons in my part of the world (Bangladesh); I’ve instead begun to look at evidence of the red pill in action. And boy was that an eye-opener.

To actually see and hear about stories of human relationships and interactions and be able to dissect and examine the parts and pieces of teh whole. It is almost as if one is hacking into this invisible social matrix of ours.

What is this thing that’s been going around these days?

I’d describe it as a feverish romantic desperation.

Others may call it love, infatuation, desire, lust and on an on.
On deeper inspection though, when I see these two extremes of behaviour towards a fundamental human need to love and belong; where you have lovers sneaking off and bahaving as if getting caught would emblazon a mark of shame.

On the other side; the religious purists who think they are fighting a crusade against satanic forces.

It’s very tragic, witnessing all this. Seems to me that we’re made to be so ashamed and unloving of ourselves and others, that in order to deal with that crushing guilt, we choose sides.

As if this is a battle to be fought.

But what and whose battle is this? You could say that it is Mother Nature who is having us duke it out so that she continues evolving the human species.

This desperation to love and be loved.

You cannot force these things. It isn’t like the will to conquer can overcome the pull of instinctual natures.

They have to emerge organically.

Yes, it sounds wishy-washy, but look at how nature has produced things of beauty.

It did so without force. Whatever force there was, it was because of the push and pull of interacting elements competing or working with each other.