When there is waking up from the Matrix, there is no going back…

I discovered the Manosphere about a year ago, and since then have gone through an evolution of understanding, gaining knowledge. The perspectives that have shed light on Game and how much significance it plays in daily life are only beginning to dawn upon me.

You see, for the longest of times, I had this model in my head that learning something is ore or less a sterile pursuit of filling the tank of facts and formulas. With the education I’ve received, nobody mentioned or even implied that the useful application of knowledge is what matters. Academia through the years have sterilized itself, forming its own church of hierarchy and authority figures.

Coming back to the Manosphere; I’m at a point where, the more I see the world through the eyes of red pill wisdom, the scarier it seems. Also, it becomes more urgent that learning, and more importantly, applying this red pill ‘wisdom’ to my life has to happen sooner or later.

So this is my own little writing spot of observation, based on personal experiences and pooling of resources from the established figure in the Manosphere.

In the meantime, I have to thank a few teachers:

Rollo Tomassi

Ian Ironwood

The Private Man

Chateau Heartiste

Thanks to these guys (and more), I can see the Matrix.